Golden Butterflies Children’s Palliative Care Foundation (GBCPCF), is a not-for-profit Charitable Trust, working to provide emotional and financial support to underprivileged terminally ill children by facilitating appropriate palliative care and counselling to avoid unnecessary suffering. We are a secular organization that believes
in equal opportunity for all.

A child is a blessing and precious are the years of childhood.....felt even more acutely, when it’s abbreviated by failing health.

Terminal paediatric illness has a devastating emotional and financial effect on families already struggling to make ends meet.

We, at Golden Butterflies, are fully aware that these children and their families are often by-passed for aid/grants simply because there is no bright outcome. That’s where we step in - we believe that every life is worth love, care, support and dignity. We are not peddling hope but we are lending a hand in every way we can.

This is why our support includes the family/care givers as well.



Careful placement of underprivileged children requiring palliative care in a reputed hospice.

End-to-end linkages for the ailing child and his/her family to ensure access to all essential services

Financial assistance for medical (palliative) treatment.

Counseling of Children and their Caregivers

Recreational activities for Children and their Caregivers

Conduct awareness programs about Palliative Care

Educate and involve communities in caring for sick children in their midst


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GB is very grateful to SIDBI for their timely support to our Child patients & families with Groceries and Sanitary stuffs. The families are very thankful for this great support.

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Thanks to our WINGS volunteer Lakshmi for reaching out to our child-patients and handing over groceries to them. GOD BLESS YOU!!

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Golden Butterflies Ambassador and Malayalam Actress Aparna Gopinath with her colleague in Medi Clowning for our children @KKCTH

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Golden Butterflies is a member of ICPCN - International Children’s Palliative Care Network.

Trustees of Golden Butterflies are members of IAPC - Indian Association of Palliative Care.

Golden Butterflies is a member of GuideStar India

Golden Butterflies is a member of GiveIndia Fundraisers

Golden Butterflies is a member of TNPC

Golden Butterflies is a member of CIOSA

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