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November 2018


Golden Butterflies Official Launch

10.11.2018 - Workshop

Workshop at MGMCRI - Pondy

Golden Butterflies Ambassador

GB Trustees with Actress Rohini. She has officially signed to support Golden Butterflies as its *Ambassador*

September 2018

25.9.2018 to 28.9.2018 - Training at Lakshmi Pain & Palliative care trust

Trained under Dr. Mallika Thiruvadanan, Dr. Subrathra & Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Counselor & NLP practitioner

25.9.2018 - Camp Rainbow

Stella, Jeevitha and Lavanya were part of the Capacity Building Workshop on psychosocial interventions for children living with chronic illnesses Held by YRG Care Medical Centre at VHS, Taramani, it was a full day workshop for various NGOs working in the field of palliative care for children Funded by “Serious Fun” a non profit started by Hollywood icon, Paul Newman YRG conducts “Camp Rainbow” for children Via very interactive and lively modules, we learnt the fundamentals of working with children - Love, Safety and Respect Golden Butterflies will follow up with more workshops and hands-on training at Camp Rainbow

1.9.2018 - socialmedia 1st meeting

Golden Butterflies Volunteers are called Wings. The 1st Meet & Greet was so spontaneous that girls & ladies from different walks of life joined in to give the foundation either their time, resources or support in their own ways. They were made to understand that being a Wings volunteer is very different and that as we are dealing with emotions n children... without training everyone cannot be counselors. Each has an area they are good at and the foundation will tap those areas as and when needed.

July 2018

29.7.2018 - Meeting with
Dr. Sunil Solomon Chairman YRG Care

Meeting with Dr. Sunil Solomon Chairman YRG Care and their team... Golden Butterflies will be working closely with them.

(L-R) Jehrome(WMW),Trustees: Stella, Lavanya, Aneka, Hemal & Anu (WMW) Seated bottom are the trustees along with WMW our Media support team.

Dr. Rejiv, Dr. Rajkumar. Dr. Kathiresan, Dr. Sanjeev, Govind (Finance Head), Tad - Counselor, Jay(WMW) (L-R) Standing are the medical panel of doctors along with our support team.

((L-R) Wings- Sugeetha , Vani, Dr. Aarthi (Medical Team), Rakhi, Jeevitha, Jithesh & Dr. Krishnamoorthy-(Advisory Member) Seated on chair are our Wings team along a few doctors from the medical team.

28.7.2018 - Marked our first
all-hands meet

The Medical team, Advisory committee and our volunteers gathered to know one another. It was a cosy get together at our Trustee Hemal's place with friends and well wishers contributing to the potluck.